2020 COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

2020 12Ks of Christmas 5K and 12K

Changes for COVID-19 Mitigation

We here at Snohomish Running Company take COVID-19 extremely seriously. However, we also take running very seriously and feel as if running is a necessity to help us make it through this pandemic. Running helps us not only physically by boosting our immune system but also emotionally and mentally as we deal with so much during these times. This is why we are working extremely hard to give all of you the ability to keep moving forward and working towards achieving your goals. If we are to continue to host running events we need all of you to be extremely socially responsible and respect those around you so we can be a solid example of why running events can happen. Therefore, the bulk of the responsibility for the success of The 12Ks of Christmas weekend will lie on your shoulders to practice social distancing, wearing masks when necessary and if you are showing symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 you do not show up. That being said here are the changes we will be implementing for the 2020 12Ks of Christmas Weekend.

1.) Number of Participants – Live participation will be limited to 300 per day. We will start runners in groups of 10 every 5 minutes.

2.) Packet pickup – There will be no packet pickup the day of the race. All race packets must be picked up at Snohomish Running Company in Downtown Snohomish prior to race day.  We are also looking at finding a 2nd option closer to Marymoor Park in Redmond but have not found a suitable location yet. We will be giving ample time for all of you to pickup your packets. We are also hoping to have packets in time where we can possibly ship some of them. However, we won’t know until we get everything in. Masks will be mandated inside of Snohomish Running Company and we will only allow 5 people in at a time. Race packets will include race shirts, jackets for those who get them, finisher medals, nuun single serves and Clif Gels.

3.) COVID-19 Questionaire – All participants will be mandated to fill out a pre and post-race COVID-19 questionnaire. This information will help with contact tracing and will also provide valuable data for local health authorities.

4.) Start times – All participants will have a start time prior to the event. You can choose your start time during the registration process. We will be staging runners at the start line in groups of 10 and they will all be 6 feet apart. Runners will be walked to the start line from Snohomish Running Company where pre-staging will begin.

5.) Pre-staging will take place at Marymoor Park. We will have an area fenced off where runners will be able to warm up prior to the run. Runners will not be allowed in the pre-staging area more than 10 minutes prior to their start time. That will give you 5 minutes to warm up and then we will walk you the start line as a group.

6.) Masks –  Masks will be mandated at all times while in pre-staging, at the start line and through the 1st 1/4 mile of the race. We will have a marker where you can take off your mask. You will also need to put a mask up before crossing the finish line until you are appropriately socially distanced from other runners. Immediately upon finishing runners will need to make their way back to  their vehicles. We will have a “post race staging area” near the finish area.

7.) Temperatures – Your temperature will be taken prior to entering the pre-staging area at Check-In.

8.) Routes –  Routes will be an out and back course along the Sammamish Valley Trail starting and finishing at Marymoor Park.

9.) Aid Stations – There will be no aid stations along the course.

10.) Social Distancing – Runners will be mandated to stay at least 6 feet away from each other during the run unless making a pass. If you commit to making a pass then you will need to notify the runner ahead of you with a cordial, “on your left.” We will not allow runners or walkers to be running next to each other or you may be disqualified. We know all of you have a friend you want to run or walk with. However, the issue is that if two of you are running side by side and someone tries to pass it creates issues with oncoming runners and with social distancing. Children under 13 years of age will be allowed to run with their parent. Headphone volume will need to be at a level to where you can hear runners near you.

We thank all of you greatly for trusting Snohomish Running Company. We are extremely exited for River Run Weekend! We will have full details for each of you in the days leading up to the event along with some safety videos. In the meantime get out, go run, be safe and keep moving forward!